Stone Baked Margherita Pizza on the BBQ
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The stone baked Margherita pizza recipe is spectacular! This pizza is made with homemade tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and fresh picked basil on a stone on the BBQ
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 2 Pizzas
  • Our homemade pizza dough (cut in two portions)
  • 1 tsp course sea salt
  • 1 tbs extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 cup of your favourite tomato sauce.
  • 2 large buffalo mozzarella balls (about 9 to 10 oz) sliced in wheels
  • 16 fresh basil leaves
  • 2 tbs cornmeal for dusting the pizza peal
  1. On a BBQ with 4 burners, keep the middle two burners set to low and heat the BBQ to 500 ºF.
  2. Place the stone on the middle of the BBQ grates and close the lid to heat up the stone.
  3. Dust the counter surface with flour and place the first dough ball on the counter.
  4. Using a rolling pin, roll out the dough ball to about 10 or 11 inches wide.
  5. Spread 1 tbs of cornmeal on a pizza peel.
  6. Place the rolled out pizza dough on the pizza peel.
  7. Drizzle ½ tbs of olive oil over the entire pizza dough and brush.
  8. Sprinkle ½ tsp of coarse sea salt over the dough.
  9. Spread ½ cup of the pizza sauce evenly over the dough using a large spoon.
  10. Place the buffalo mozzarella slices over the tomato sauce with some space between each slice.
  11. Transfer the pizza to the hot stone on the BBQ. (Tip: Give the pizza peel a little shake to loosen up the dough before transferring.)
  12. Close the lid and bake.
  13. Open the lid after about the first 5 minutes and rotate (using the pizza peel) the pizza on the stone 180 degrees to ensure even baking. Repeat this about 3 minutes later.
  14. After 10 minutes of baking, use the pizza peel to lift an edge of the pizza to check for doneness (it should be just starting to brown).
  15. Using the peel, remove the pizza to a cutting board, cut and serve hot.
  16. Repeat the last steps for the second dough.
Keep the BBQ between 450 ºF and 550 ºF. The BBQ temperature will drop quickly each time you open the lid.
Start rolling out the second dough while the first pizza is on the BBQ.
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